Thursday, 20 December 2012


There is a reason behind every action.Every action take place in  a foam of sankalpa. Now duration of sankalpa is based on intensity to know the reason. Once the reason fulfilled the action is over. So the life of every action is based on the intensity of the reason. Now the power of sankalpa decide the life of action. If we observe the life cycle every jiva come to this planet for definate time, for definate reason and for definate action. Once this cycle is over jiva enter in to another cycle with different reason, sankalpa and action. In every life jiva enjoying the senses. Senses stuckup in to vasanas or happiness of that senses and demanding again and again. Now jiva creates sankalpa to fulfill this senses again and again. Now life got reason to come again and again to fulfill this desire of senses. For satisfaction of this desires mind enter in to ( shath Vikara ) kam, krodh, moha, lobh,lalach,matsar     Because of shath Vikara jiva started to create negative karma and break the rule of nature. So inside the mind thousands of sankalpa pops up in foam of thought and also drops down because of  no proper reason. When reason and action align then sankalpa take place and at the same time mind dicided the life of action. Here Vashisthaji told Rama that this srusti  pops up with the sankalpa of brahmaji with the time duration of kalpa, and also give the same power to every individual  to create own srushti and also gifted endless desire with it.       Vashisthji says without dispassion no one can understand this pricious knowledge. To come out from desires one should practice the dispassion. To reach to the dispassion you have to be controlled and pulled your senses inward like tortoise. If you successfully practice this yog with calm mind then both reason and action vanished and sankalpa auutomaticaly drop and you will reach level of Brahma.                               Only Brahma is able to see brahma ( brahma hi brahma ko dekhta hai )